Sanmon Gate - Chionin (知恩院)Sanmon Gate of Chionin (National Treasure of Japan)Autumn Color at Chion-in TempleEntrance to Chion-in - Kyoto, JapanChion-in, KyotoStairs of ChioninAutumn leaves on the ground at Chion-inAutumn leves among moss covered stonesLooking out at Kyoto from Sanmon Gate - ChioninSanmon Gate (三門) at Chion-in (知恩院)Leaves of changeAutumn leaves in the rainTahōtō (多宝塔) at Chio-in, KyotoRainy Autumn day in KyotoTemizuya (手水舎) at Chion-in, templeTokugawa CrestThe Family crest of the TokugawaBeautiful transition